You are here in Tyranny 2.0

This is Said Mirza and today’s article is sort of an offshoot of a video posted by Brother Gerrans “First the fighting, then the Garden”. For those of you who haven’t seen it, here is the link. I highly recommend that you watch it.

Now I wanted to add my own thoughts about where we are in the timeline of this scientific tyranny. If you have read my book Tyranny 2.0, you already know that this tyranny which I am calling Tyranny 2.0 is really based on the blueprint of the tyranny of Firawn (or Pharoah) which is quite extensively detailed in the Qur’an i.e. it is Pharaoh’s tyranny on steroids.  His tyranny used religion, sorcery and finance to subjugate its population and the Tyranny 2.0 uses science, the entertainment industry and banking cartels to subjugate us. Pharaoh’s tyranny committed genocide by slaughtering a certain faction of the population and Tyranny 2.0 is doing the same by subtler means.

We read in Chapter 28:

Now, while the current tyranny is dividing the population – along gender, color, ideology etc. – and slaughtering a faction of the population – by means of feeding them GMO foods, the pharmaceutical scam, pesticides, tainted processed foods – and is now accelerating this process by means of the rollout of a treatment which is designed to thin the herd in the long term; it is not – yet – openly slaughtering the sons of men which the Qur’an is quite clear that Pharaoh was doing.

Now going back to the the Qur’anic timeline of the tyranny of Pharaoh:

We recite to thee from the report of Moses and Pharaoh with the truth for people who believe.

Pharaoh exalted himself in the earth and made its people sects; a number among them he oppressed, slaughtering their sons and sparing their women; he was of the workers of corruption.

And We desired to give grace to those who were oppressed in the land, and to make them leaders, and to make them the inheritors,

And to establish them in the land, and to show Pharaoh and Hāmān and their forces through them what they feared.


It was a good 3 to 4 decades of Pharoah openly murdering the population that Moses was commissioned by God to go to Pharoah and secure the release of his people. Pharaoh would not let the children of Israel leave – something which the current tyranny is doing as well. Moses showed Pharoah the two signs he was given by God as a proof of his messengership to which Pharaoh and his elites proposed a contest between him and their sorcerers. And as you know the sorceres were defeated. The narrative picks up from here in Chapter 7:

And the eminent ones among the people of Pharaoh said: “Wilt thou leave Moses and his people to work corruption in the land, and leave thee and thy gods?” Said he: “We will kill their sons and spare their women; for indeed we have them in subjugation.”

And Moses said to his people: “Seek help in God, and be patient; the earth belongs to God; He causes to inherit it whom He wills among his servants. And the final outcome is for those of prudent fear.”

They said: “We have been hindered before thou camest to us and since thou camest to us.” Said he: “It may be that your Lord will destroy your enemy, and make you successors in the earth, so He might see how you will do.”

And We seized the house of Pharaoh with drought and loss of crops, that they might take heed.

And when good came to them, they said: “This is ours.” And if evil befell them, they thought Moses and those with him an evil omen; in truth, their evil omen was but with God, but most of them knew not.

And they said: “Whatever proof thou bring us wherewith to bewitch us, we will not believe thee.”

And when the scourge came upon them, they said: “O Moses: call thou to thy Lord for us by what He covenanted with thee: if thou remove the scourge from us, we will believe thee, and send the children of Israel with thee.”

But when We removed the scourge from them to a term they were to reach, then they reneged.

And We took vengeance on them, and drowned them in the sea because they denied Our proofs and were heedless of them.


And We caused the people who were despised to inherit the east of the land and its west which We had blessed. And the most fair word of thy Lord was fulfilled to the children of Israel because they were patient; and We annihilated what Pharaoh and his people wrought and what they built.

So, the key takeaway is that things are going to get a lot worse before they get better. Obviously, we are now seeing inflation go through the roof due to the supply chain disruption which is bound to happen if you start implementing lockdowns and prevent men from going out to make a living. So, we are going to see a shortage of food and gas on top of the amping up of insanity during the winter months.

Ss believers are to remain patient and trust in God for our deliverance. This is the great test of our generation. Do not give in, keep yourself busy in doing as many good works as you can and reading the Qur’an, remembering God and purifying yourself. Make sure you are doing your utmost so when God’s judgment comes you are on the side of His mercy and not His wrath. We read in Chapter 10:

And there believed not Moses save a progeny of his people, for fear of Pharaoh and their eminent ones, that they would subject them to means of denial; and Pharaoh was exalted in the land, and he was of the committers of excess.

And Moses said: “O my people: if you believe in God, then place your trust in Him, if you are submitting.”

And they said: “In God have we placed our trust.” — “Our Lord: make Thou not us a means of denial for the wrongdoing people,

“And deliver Thou us by Thy mercy from the people of the false claimers of guidance.”

And We instructed Moses and his brother: “Settle your people in Egypt in houses, and make your houses a destination; and uphold the duty; and bear thou glad tidings to the believers.”

And Moses said: “Our Lord: Thou hast given Pharaoh and his eminent ones adornment and wealth in the life of this world, our Lord, that they might lead astray from Thy path. Our Lord: destroy Thou their wealth, and harden Thou their hearts, so that they believe not until they see the painful punishment.”

He said: “Your supplication has been answered; so take a straight path, and follow not the path of those who know not.”

And We brought the children of Israel across the sea; and Pharaoh followed them with his forces in sectarian zealotry and enmity. When the drowning had overtaken him, he said: “I believe there is no god save He in whom the children of Israel believe; and I am of those submitting.”

“Now? And thou opposedst before, and wast of the workers of corruption?

“So this day will We save thee in thy body, that thou be a proof to those after thee.” But most among men are heedless of Our proofs.

And We settled the children of Israel in a goodly settlement, and provided them with good things; and they differed not until knowledge came to them. Thy Lord will judge between them on the Day of Resurrection concerning that wherein they differed.


So be patient, sanctify your houses with the remembrance of God and keep petitioning Him for the end of these evil doers and stand firm, we are on God’s side.

In houses God has given leave to be raised, and His name to be remembered therein, there give Him glory therein in the mornings and the evenings

Men whom neither trade nor commerce divert from the remembrance of God and upholding the duty and rendering the purity. They fear a day wherein the hearts and the eyes will turn about,

That God might reward them for the best of what they did, and increase them out of His bounty; and God gives provision to whom He wills without reckoning.

And those who ignore warning, their deeds are like a mirage in a desert: the thirsty one thinks it water; when he has come to it, he finds it nothing, but finds God with him, and He pays his account in full — and God is swift in reckoning —


By the span of time!

Man is in loss,

Save those who heed warning and do righteous deeds, and counsel one another to truth, and counsel one another to patience.


Peace and God Bless!

All translations in this article are from The Qur’an: A Complete Revelation